In 2011-12, when London was getting ready to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, there was a young university student who lived in this diverse metropolitan, a part of the crowd thronging subways and walkways, rushing to classes. The cloudy, dull days were spent in classrooms, and any sign of the sun meant picnics, swimming sessions and visits to London’s famed markets and art hubs. It was on one of these visits to the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park that this young man came by license plate art, and it was love at first sight.

This is the story of Rushang Shah, who knew, at that moment, standing in the middle of Hyde Park holding a license plate, that this would become a big part of his life.

And revelations like these are weird phenomena, right? They hit you right out of nowhere and that’s exactly what happened to this young man! The license plate art that Rushang saw was beautiful, but what was amazing was the sheer idea of it. An idea that stayed and inspired him for a long, long time. 5 years to be exact!

Fast forward to the bustling streets of Mumbai, a city with a hustle not so different from that in London, Rushang got in touch with his old friend Dhruv Patel, and the rest is history. Rushang, a creative dreamer and passionate entrepreneur was focused on his goal. Dhruv, a personality that complemented Rushang’s perfectly, wanted to make Rushang’s dream a reality. Together, Rushang and Dhruv gave a form to the idea of license plate art, and thus Happipress was born.

2017 was the year, where great minds came together to create and launch a brand so unique, that it made everyone - HAPPI!

Starting out as a stationery and gifting solutions company, Happipress has today evolved into being a niche design house, offering an eclectic mix of products that are designed to accentuate your lifestyle. With our revolutionary, made-in-India, recycled aluminium product range, we want to touch every part of your unique story – through the everyday articles you use or through the space you live, work and unwind in – we have something for every individual, every age and every occasion

Welcome to Happipress. We know you will love it here.